10 Reasons to Install Firefox Now

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10 Reasons to Install Firefox Now

Post  adnanbahrian on Sat Mar 21, 2009 6:55 pm

10 Reasons to Install Firefox Now

Firefox is really way more secure than most other browsers, especially Microsofts’ Internet Explorer. Also Firefox is way more customizable and easy to use. To guide all the people who STILL haven’t decided to change to Firefox, we’ve compiled a list of the best reasons. We’ve only selected 10, although the reasons are many.

1. Firefox is not the target of malware

Due to the fact that most internet users use the in-built Internet Explorer, it is more interesting for producers of malware and virusses to program malicious software to target Internet Explorer. So since the amount of Firefox users is much smaller, it is not interesting for virusprogrammers to program software to target the Mozilla Firefox Browser.

2. Firefox is updated constantly

Compared to other browsers Firefox is updated much more often. Take the average users favorite browser, Internet Explorer, until IE 7 it had not been updated for 5 years. Today it’s necessary for our browser to be updated quite often. This mainly ensures two things. First of all as the world is today with new exploits discovered every day it’s totally necessary to have an updated browser. Second of all it has to be possible to adapt to whatever changes happens in the tech world - in Firefox this is possible by using add-ons. So this is why Firefox IS updated constantly, to stay secure and to adapt and fit new user needs.

3. Use tabs to surf more effectively

Since it’s very first version Firefox has had tabs. Needless to say the concept behind tabs is very unique and has now been “stolen” by Microsoft for their IE 7. While surfing the web in Firefox, in tabs of course, it’s possible to surf many websites at once and still keep the experience simple and smooth.

4. Don’t just block pop-ups, block on-page ads too

Use the unique in-build feature, in Firefox 2.0, to block specific ads on websites. This way you can both block annoying pop-ups and annoying flashing banners that are plastered all over websites nowadays. This feature is unique to Firefox and has NOT been implemented yet by any other browser. So seize the opportunity and take control of what ads you’re shown - Install Firefox.

5. Customize the layout

If you’re like many others you might get tired of the boring old look of your current browser or you just want to make the look and feel more personal. Firefox offers the unique ability to use different themes and skins to alter the appearance. Besides themes and skins you also have total control of the visual user interface.

6. Integrated Search Field

Don’t bother to click the address field and type a URL every time you wanna go to your favorite search engine? Then use the integrated search field. You can even customize it to search whatever search engine you prefer. This feature will really save you time.

7. Use add-ons to expand the functionality

If you need Firefox to be able to perform a specific action that doesn’t come with the original install, just use one of the many custom build add-ons. Can’t find an add-on you fancy? Just build your own add-on following Mozilla’s guide. The selection of add-ons is huge; You can find really just any add-on from a weather display to a currency converter.

8. Full Control Over onpage Text Size

Another amazing thing about Mozilla Firefox really is that it’s possible to stay in control of the onpage text size. Firefox simply overrides any text size locking making sure that the text size is ALWAYS under your control.

9. Speed

Compared to other browsers Firefox is one of the fastest browsers. The time it takes Firefox to build a graphical display from HTML code is very little. This is due to the ground breaking Firefox is using.

10. Worlds Best Browser - Plain and Simple

Firefox is simply the best web browser in the world - ever. Not simply because of all the reasons above, but also because the development is userdriven and it is open source software. This makes sure that the browser inevitably will stay in touch with the needs of the users. Now this is one earth-shattering reason that by far beats Internet Explorer and any other commercially based browser.

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