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Post  adnanbahrian on Mon Mar 23, 2009 1:13 pm

a) In FireFox go to bookmarks, and click on organize bookmarks. A new
"library" window will open. On the top toolbar there's an option to
"import and backup", click on that and from the dropdown menu select
the operation you require. For a standard backup, just choose "Export
HTML", a box will pop up,and the rest is similar to saving a text file,
just give it a name and location.

b) Internet Explorer is slightly different. Go to File in the standard
toolbar (top right) , select "Import and Export" and a pop up box will
appear, select "export favourites" and click next, another box appears,
just check to make sure favourites are selected,click next, the next
box lets you browse to a location to save to. Drunkardsave your fac Links Smile
p.s. Just in case you have a different version of IE, heres a link to MS's instructions:

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