Hide your secret files in images...

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Hide your secret files in images...

Post  adnanbahrian on Thu Feb 26, 2009 7:17 pm

[size=18]Do you want to hide your secrete files inside an image..As I can do...

Come on guys don't worry it is easiest to do so,,,

For this first we Select the image in which we want to save our secrete files.. e,g an image cat.gif in Drive D

Now compress the all those secrete files which you want to hide in the image..
As I compressed the Trayit.exe and im.txt into a zip/rar file named as new.zip

Now press WINDOW + R button to prompt Run dialog box
Here Type cmd and press enter

Command Prompt window will appear ,
Now write the directory of those files which we hide with the images.
You can see that I have saved all files in the D: Directory so I will write D: to access the desire files..


Here type this: COPY /B images_file_name.jpg + zipped_file_name.zip new_image_file_name.jpg

Then press enter key. The newly copied image contain our secret files..

You can see that I have copies the image file and zip file into another image known as secretcat.gif

How to access our secret files.

Rename the image file so that we can extract it by any compression software, So for this rename the image secretcat.gif to secretcat.zip

Then extract the files...


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