Super Email Sender 2.88

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Super Email Sender 2.88

Post  adnanbahrian on Fri Feb 27, 2009 12:16 pm

Super Email Sender 2.88

Email Sender offers you a professional high speed bulk email direct
sender software. It is an ideal for newsletters, targeted marketing,
and keeping in touch with clients. Super Email Sender accepts a list of
recipients from text files generated by any email harvester(Such as
Super Email Spider). The number of addresses to be sent is unlimited.
You can send email to a million people if you want. Super Email Sender
is a stand-alone bulk mailer program.All you need is a
connection to the Internet, the program has its own internal SMTP
server and delivers mail messages directly to email recipients without
your ISP SMTP server. The normal sending speed can be up to 50000
e-mails per hour. It also has a professional and simple user interface
so that everyone can set it up in few minutes.


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