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Password Protect Folders in XP Empty Password Protect Folders in XP

Post  adnanbahrian on Sat Mar 07, 2009 9:37 am

Password Protect Folders in XP
Do you share a computer with other users and want some extra security on your
folders? There are two ways to password protect a folder built into Windows
XP (for other Windows flavors, there are some freeware/shareware programs out

If you have a log in password for your account, this can be used to protect
folders from other users. Your hard drive must be formatted using NTFS (which
it probably is unless you're dual booting with another operating system). Here's
what to do...

Right-click the folder that you want to make private and choose "Properties" (or
Alt+Double-click). Go to the "Sharing" tab and check the "Make this folder
private" box.

]Password Protect Folders in XP Private-folder1

[size=18]Click Apply . If you do not have a password on your account, a box will pop
up asking if you want to assign a password. This must be done if you want to
make the folder private, so click Yes . You will need to use your password
to log on to your computer from then on.

Type in a password then confirm it. Click the "Create Password" button the
close the Password window.

Click OK in the Properties dialog box.
Now anyone else logged on to your computer can't access that file without
knowing your password.

If the Folder is Zipped you can give it a unique password.
Just double-click the zipped folder. In the top menu select File then click "Add
a Password".

]Password Protect Folders in XP Password2
Type a password into the Password box. Then again in the "Confirm Password" box.
Password Protect Folders in XP Password3
Now, you are the only person who can access files in this folder. The folder
can be opened allowing the files to be seen, but you are the only one who can
access them.

Don't you feel more secure now?

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