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Post  adnanbahrian on Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:07 am

]Firefox 3 Add Ons[/size]

With the release
of Firefox 3, there has been a lot of buzz about all of the new features
it has to offer. One of them you may not know much about is the new
add ons dialogue box. And that's exactly what we're going to talk
about today, so what do you say we get started?!

1.) In Firefox go to Tools and then click on Add Ons.

]2.) You’ll notice a small difference in the interface:[/size][/size][/size]

Add ons in FireFox Ffadd1
Add ons in FireFox Ffadd2

3.) There's now a new button: Get Add Ons. If you click on that, you’ll see this:
Add ons in FireFox Ffadd3

4.) You will see some recommended Firefox extensions and a search
box. Firefox 3 allows you to add Firefox extensions without even visiting
any links.

]5.) To test out the search feature, type in "Scrapbook" and hit Enter. You’ll then see the Scrapbook
add on appear on your screen.

Add ons in FireFox Ffadd4
6.) [size=18]If you want to install it, simply click on Add to Firefox.
[size=9]7.) A warning will appear, but you can just press Install Now.
Add ons in FireFox Ffadd5

[size=18]8.) Next, to finish up the installation, press Restart Firefox.
Add ons in FireFox Ffadd6

9.) Once Firefox restarts, you'll see a little notification telling
you a new add on was installed.

Add ons in FireFox Ffadd7

10.) Cool, huh?! That means when I tell you about a new extension
here at WorldStart, you can just type the name of it into the search
box and add it. Firefox 3 makes it so easy. Enjoy!

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