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DirectX 11

Post  adnanbahrian on Thu Mar 19, 2009 7:03 pm

DirectX 11 - this allows the library to increase the compatibility of new games and programs. To correct errors with the launch of games requiring files DirectX 10.1 and 11. Allows you to run the game in as the program (if you have graphics that do not support DX10.1 and 11) and Hardware (Video card with support for DX10.1 and 11) emulation DirectX11.PS Applications that do not go before, go to 10.1 and 11 If the program you do not like, you can delete it (there are deinstalyator). Application has been collected since the small size of most essential and the new update.

Download jackycandy1412_Dirrect_X11_downarchive.rar

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