Differences Between Windows Xp And Windows Vista

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Differences Between Windows Xp And Windows Vista

Post  adnanbahrian on Fri Feb 27, 2009 12:32 pm

Differences Between Windows Xp And Windows Vista

These days with
computer software programs whirring about, both new and old, consumers
wonder time and time again if the latest upgrades are any different from the
original. There are differences between Windows XP and the recently added to
the Windows family, Windows Vista.

What is the difference you ask?
the consumer receiving more security and stability with one Software than
the other? And most of all, why would you want to switch to Windows Vista after
the Windows XP
appears to have everything I need?

The short answer would
have to be that there are several reasons why you should upgrade to
Vista because where Windows XP lacks, Windows Vista makes up for it. Therefore,
that is
where you will find the differences between both software. Windows
Vista includes:

• New Features
• Improved Security
• Better overall
user experience

Windows XP stands for Xperiences. XP was designed to help
the user to communicate easier
while being fun and interesting at the same
time. With XP you could experience digital photography,
digital video,
digital music, the Internet, mobile computing, connecting home, and real-time

communications. Applications were able to work more efficiently on tasks.
For example you could use
AOL and Netscape for web and email then be able to
use Kodak and digital camera software to use
besides the program Microsoft
provides. Before XP was distributed in stores Windows wanted a new UI
provide various visual styles to the OS. The new UI only targeted the Windows
Home Edition for the
“Professional” look but after customer review the
application was dropped.


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